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Toilet set black, without drilling?

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Looking for a stylish toilet set that you can use right away? At Yessential we offer several 3-piece and 4-piece toilet accessories set that you can assemble without drilling! A big advantage is also that a toilet set without drilling is easy to move around to clean everything.

Assembly without drilling
Now free shipping
Anti-rust for long service life

Our toilet sets black - without drilling

Available in 3 & 4 piece sets with temporary bundle discount. Available in round & square design.

Now free shipping in the Netherlands

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All bath/toilet items are shipped for free in the Netherlands
Temporary discounts from 25% onwards
Choice of many materials and formats
Rated 10/10 by WebwinkelKeur
Anti-rust for long service life
Matte black powder coating
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Highlighted here is the freestanding toilet brush. Order the Bruno Black here!

Toilet sets black - floating 

Available in 3 & 4 piece sets with temporary bundle discount. Available in round & square design.

Now free shipping in the Netherlands

What do they say about us?

eddy vanelderen
eddy vanelderen
I had placed an order and it was incomplete. I sent them an email and they promptly took care of it. I will order here again
Dennis De Clerck
Dennis De Clerck
House number 41 in stainless steel. Very satisfied. Super fast delivery and very solid visible stainless steel numbers. Absolutely recommended. Thanks Yessential 👍🏻
Google user
Google user
Nice song made
Sarie C
Sarie C
Fast delivery, great products very friendly and helpful customer service.
Anne Hillenaar
Anne Hillenaar
Totally awesome!
Super satisfied with Yessential, ordered something here several times already. The first time I accidentally ordered the wrong house number, I was still allowed to return it after 2 weeks (even though it had already been opened). Now we find out almost 1 year after purchase that the toilet brush insert was broken (new in the box). Also immediately received a new one which arrived after 1 day. So the service is really top here! Thank you very much, we definitely recommend you
Cor Ele
Cor Ele
Toilet accessories ordered from Yessential. Fast delivery and very nice material. Would definitely order here again in the future!
Charlotte Lievrouw
Charlotte Lievrouw
Very fast delivery! Products are top and good quality! Definitely recommend!
Inge Vet
Inge Vet
Chair leg caps ordered and delivered next day. They fit perfectly. Super thanks

Toilet roll holder Black without drilling

The Tazio stijlvolle wc-rollholdder black zunder boren is eand eenvoldig to mounteren accessoire vfor your toilet. Hhe is gemaakt of high-quality stainless steel and heeft eand matzwarte kleur. Hhe is gemakkelijk to installren by het product at plaatsand at eand smooth onervlak, waarna you het at zhis plek kunt drukken. Dit ontwerp bevat geand boorgaten, waardear you geand grote farchangeand aan your toilet howft to maken. Thethem stijlvolle toilet accessoire voegt eand modern shadeyour to ato your bathkamer and is eand handige and efficientiënte manier to wc-papier at at bergen.

Towel hook Black without drilling

Een moderne handdoekhaak zelfklevend zwart zonder boren is een erg handig en praktisch accessoire om in ieder toilet toe te voegen. Het voordeel van het kopen van een handdoekhaak zelfklevend zwart zonder boren is dat je de haak niet hoeft te boren. Dit betekent dat je geen gaten in je muren hoeft te maken en je hoeft geen schroeven of andere bevestigingsmiddelen te gebruiken. Ook is de haak eenvoudig te verwijderen wanneer je hem niet meer nodig hebt. Daarnaast is de haak zelfklevend zwart, wat betekent dat hij ook een leuke toevoeging kan zijn aan je interieur.

Freestanding spare roll holder black

Wanneer you geand gaten in the muur wilt boren, then is ea vrijstaande reserverolholdder eand goede optie. Thethem kun you gemakkelijk farplaatsand, zunder het risico at lopen that your gaten in the muur maakt. Our vrijstaande reserverolholders hebam an anti-slip waarmee the houder stays firmly on the floor. Je can use the freestanding spare roll holder gemackelible optilland and verplaatsand.

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Do you have a question?

Ask your question to one of our staff members!

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