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Need coat hooks?

Go for a tidy hallway/entrance!

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Are coats, scarves, bags and other items lying everywhere and nowhere in the hallway? Mainly on the floor...? Coat hooks offer a convenient and versatile solution for organizing and hanging various items in the home. Not to mention, they also add a decorative element to the room.

Including fixing material
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Our coat hooks 

Screw them to the wall or decorate them on a piece of wood!

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Here our minimalist coat hook: Order the Nismo black here

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eddy vanelderen
eddy vanelderen
I had placed an order and it was incomplete. I sent them an email and they promptly took care of it. I will order here again
Dennis De Clerck
Dennis De Clerck
House number 41 in stainless steel. Very satisfied. Super fast delivery and very solid visible stainless steel numbers. Absolutely recommended. Thanks Yessential 👍🏻
Google user
Google user
Nice song made
Sarie C
Sarie C
Fast delivery, great products very friendly and helpful customer service.
Anne Hillenaar
Anne Hillenaar
Totally awesome!
Super satisfied with Yessential, ordered something here several times already. The first time I accidentally ordered the wrong house number, I was still allowed to return it after 2 weeks (even though it had already been opened). Now we find out almost 1 year after purchase that the toilet brush insert was broken (new in the box). Also immediately received a new one which arrived after 1 day. So the service is really top here! Thank you very much, we definitely recommend you
Cor Ele
Cor Ele
Toilet accessories ordered from Yessential. Fast delivery and very nice material. Would definitely order here again in the future!
Charlotte Lievrouw
Charlotte Lievrouw
Very fast delivery! Products are top and good quality! Definitely recommend!
Inge Vet
Inge Vet
Chair leg caps ordered and delivered next day. They fit perfectly. Super thanks

What is the ideal height for a coat rack?

The ideal height for a coat rack depends on several factors, including the average height of the people who will use the coat rack and the intended use of the coat rack. Generally, it is recommended that the coat rack be placed at a height that is easily accessible to users and suitable for hanging coats, bags and other items.

  • Average height: A height between 170 cm and 180 cm above the floor is usually recommended for adults. This ensures easy access to the coat rack without bending or stretching.
  • Children: If the coat rack is also intended for children, consider adding a lower hook or a separate coat rack at child height so they can hang their coats and backpacks by themselves.
  • Specific needs: If the coat rack is intended for people with specific needs, such as wheelchair users, adjust the height accordingly to ensure accessibility.
  • Use purpose: Think about what you want to hang on the coat rack. If you want to hang mainly coats and jackets, make sure you have enough space between the hooks. If you also want to store bags, hats or umbrellas, make sure you have extra space and hooks at different heights.

It is important to consider the needs and users of the coat rack when determining the ideal height. It can also be helpful to mark the height first before permanently attaching the coat rack to ensure it works well for your particular situation.

How far apart should coat hooks be?

The distance between coat hooks can vary depending on several factors, including available space, size of garments and personal preference. Generally, it is recommended that coat hooks be spaced about 10 to 15 inches apart. This provides enough space for coats, bags and other garments without hanging too closely together.

How much does a coat hook cost?

The price of a coat hook can vary widely depending on several factors, including the brand, material, design and quality of the hook. Here are some general guidelines for the price ranges of coat hooks:

  • Budget class: Simple smaller coat hooks can range anywhere from a few euros to about €5 per hook.
  • Deluxe Class: Designer coat hooks from Yessential with unique design and high-quality materiaa; can be considerably more expensive, ranging from +$10.00 to €15.00 per hook.

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Do you have a question?

Ask your question to one of our staff members!

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